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You can request the redelivery of a package that we failed to deliver because of your absence.
The service is free and enables you to request a redelivery easily. Our sales driver will deliver the package to you again.

Enter the "sales office number" and the "tracking number" described on the attempted delivery notice.
  Enter the "tracking number," omitting the hyphen.
  Items marked with "*" are required fields.
 Sales office number
 Tracking number  @
  When you register more than one "tracking number," press "Add search field."


- You cannot change the delivery address by this service.

- When more than one tracking number is entered, the attempted delivery notices must have the same sales office number.
Please register a new request for each attempted delivery notice when the sales office numbers vary.

- When the tracking number is a 10-digit number, "00" is added to the beginning of the number automatically and it is displayed as a 12-digit number.

- When you enter more than one "tracking number," an available redelivery date must be a day when all packages can be delivered.
When you cannot apply for the redelivery of multiple packages, please create a new redelivery request.


Sample of attempted delivery notice
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